Sunday, October 2, 2016

IF Comp '16: Toiletworld

Windhammer's been cancelled this year. Apparently, there weren't enough entries to make for a fair competition. What a disappointment. It seemed like interest was up last year and I was hoping that it would remain so. I didn't write one myself (I felt that after three years in a row I could do with a break), but I was looking forward to participating as purely a judge.

Ah well. I just hope that next year there's a full crop.

But that means time for IF Comp! The past few years I've tried to judge and review but between it and Windhammer, it was just too much. Without Windhammer on the plate this year I hoping to really dig in.

Per my normal method, I'm using the Comp's randomizer to make my way through the entries. Normally I try to give every entry the full once-over, but this year I'm reserving the right to drop out early on any that aren't up to base standards. The past few years I've gotten weak entries early in the list and giving them full reviews burned me out. I want to find and play the good stuff, but I'm not going to suffer through a lot of chaff to get to it.

This means I don't have to spend a lot of time on Toiletworld, by Chet Rocketfrak.

The joke here is a game that's been implemented badly about a puerile subject. We're in a cosmos where every molecule of space is occupied by toilets. The writing isn't half as clever as it sounds. The problem with bad implementation as a joke is that it's still bad implementation. There's nothing to see or do except move around. I only got a few rooms in before I couldn't find a way to progress further. I was playing on my tablet and thought maybe I'd have better luck with a traditional interface, but when I came back on a PC the game wouldn't load in Parchment.

I'm not going to waste anymore time on this one. Chet might be going someplace interesting with all this, but I'm not going to spend the effort to find out.

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